Interactive learning division is the mode that learners can choose the sentence that ones want to study independently based on a natural way of learning. The learners can repeat the words, phrases and sentences on this mode as much as ones want to. It is fantastic for those who want to practice to pronounce the real English accent from the native speaker. This program is particularly useful for understanding and memorizing the words, phrases and sentences.


Auto division is the mode that the learners can study the vocabulary and sentences automatically run-on by the program. It is similar to VCD or DVD, playing without control. The learners will be surprised how better ones listening skill.


The program prepares matching to be the review exercises before doing the real test on the next mode. Learners must match between English and Thai.


Test division is the mode examining the understanding of the learners. It is the multiple-choice. After doing the test, the program will accurately measure the score and automatically summary.