Hello Language by Visual Dictionary software has produced two materials CD-ROM, and USB Flash Drive,
Each time I have the same content. It has a slightly different a outstanding. Value for money with the Chinese. Available in both classes.
Traditional Chinese (Traditional Mandarin) and Chinese Simplified (Simplified Mandarin), one based on the information below :
  Each step can be purchased separately.
  Playable on the WindowsXP operating system below
  Step 1 consists of a set of 10 CD-Rom discs.
  Step 2 consists of a set of 8 CD-Rom discs.
  Step 3 consists of a set of 10 CD-Rom discs
  Is portable, easy to carry all contentsDrive system
    in the USB Flash Drive system
  No need to worry about discs getting scratched and
    becoming unplayable
  Access to information will be at a faster speed
  Comes with extra space for storage (the remaining
    space will be different in each set)
  The study package comes as a Complete Set